Direct Sampling Activities

Mekong Beauty Show is glad to announce its 2nd cooperation with Mabelle Box to present the "Direct Sampling Activities" on June 16th. After the successful Mabelle Box Charity Sales last year, Mekong Beauty Show will hold hands with Mabelle to appeal more customers to the show and engage skilled beauty technicians/ specialists to apply/demo the exhibitors' products to them. This will enable exhibitors to have a direct communication with end-users, understand their insights and collect feedback from them about the products.

Exhibitors will benefit: 

  • Get actual, direct feedback from customers
  • Raise brandawareness + product awareness even before the official penetration
  • See the potentials/advantages or disadvantages of theirproducts under the view points of targeted customers

If you want to promote your product in this activity, please register as an exhibitor! 

Visitors will benefit: 

  • Experience products with new technologies and innovations
  • Learn about international beauty trend and new development
  • Interact with brand experts and provide feedback for product improvement 

If you want to join in the experience, please pre-register as a visitor!