Korea Health Industry Development Institute(KHIDI) is going to launch 2017 "K-Beauty GLOBAL EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE" in Vietnam in Mekong Beauty Show. It is a yearly gathering of Korean pop stars, top K-beauty Stylish institutions, top K-beauty Cosmetics brands. The event will reveal the latest K-beauty trend, analyze on Korean beauty stars styling and is truly a great display of Korean beauty culture, future and industry development direction. 


Korean cosmetics industries have steadily grown thanks to the rising popularity of K-Beauty and "Hallyu" (the Korean wave) in Asian countries. Korean cosmetics exports have expanded with total cosmetics production reaching KRW10.7 trillion, up 19.64% from the previous year. Korea cosmetics industries ran a trade surplus of USD1.5 billion, 100% increase from the previous year.

Idea products such as cosmetic foundations with cushion type developed by Korean company received a lot of attention in the world and multinational cosmetics companies in Europe, United States and Southeast Asia have growing interest in the domestic cosmetics manufacturers.

Korean government has strong commitment to support cosmetics industry grow as one of the most promising industries in future. Recently, Korea government announced an amendment to the Cosmetics Act with aims to expand the functional cosmetics category and to reclassify the products as they are done in foreign countries catering to the needs of customers.

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