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110 exhibitors from Korea are bringing in 300+ Korean brands to showcase the hottest K-beauty trend. Click to check the detail exhibitor product profile to see what our Country of Honor- Korea Pavilion are presenting.


OUYE PDO Thread manufacturer located in Seoul, South Korea, the factory has 14 years of professional experience in the production of implantable medical equipment, all offline products are KFDA/CE/GMP certification, the use of automatic aseptic production equipment, harsh quality inspection, sterilization and packaging process, strictly control the quality of each batch of products. It has OEM production of many medical implant products, products are exported to Asia,Europe and Africa and other 45 countries.


Saigon Cosmetics Corporation  --  Leading cosmetics brand in Vietnam

The company is specialized in cosmetics production and distribution. SCC products include fragrance, hair care, body care and toiletries. SCC products have been voted as "Vietnamese High Quality Goods" by local consumers 11 times in 11 years since the program was firstly organized in 1987 by Saigon Marketing Magazine. SCC products are widely distributed all over Vietnam and exported to China, Russia.

Miss Saigon, the famous perfume brand name of Saigon Cosmetics Corporation (SCC), has won the hearts of customers both at home and abroad for many years. The corporation's product which has the container in the shape of a Vietnamese lady wearing a traditional Ao dai and a conical leaf hat has a faint and sexy fragrance.

Au Dong Co., LTD

Audong Cosmetics Corporation established in 2011, is known as one of the biggest distributors of variety cosmetic products in Vietnam. We are providing high quality and reasonable target price products for Vietnam and South East Asia market.
Audong company is focus on distributing the white skin care lines including products for oily skin, sensitive skin, acne, masks, cleanser and make-up lines such as lipstick, eye liner, mascara, from several famous brand, such as: Secret Key, Benton, Style 71, Heimish, Organia, Graymelin, PKG and other high quality brand from South Korea. With our main criteria is providing high quality and safety cosmetic products, our brand has expanded to many major cities in Vietnam.Currently, our company is distributing cosmetic products imported from South Korea with the suitable price for the majority of consumers in the country.

Tu Phuong Cosmetics

Cosmetic products are imported directly 100% from the mother companies: USA, Italy, France, Australia, UK, Turkey, Korea, etc. These products are imported and distributed exclusively by Tu Phuong Company.


 SOCIÉTÉ PROVENÇALE D'AROMATHÉRAPIE -- Natural Cosmetics from South of France

SOCIÉTÉ PROVENÇALE D'AROMATHÉRAPIE is famous for the natural Cosmetics and well-being with essential oils (aromatherapy) and extract from plants and fruits (herbal). FRENCH PRODUCTS MADE IN PROVENCE (SOUTH OF France) - Savoir-Faire FRANÇAIS.

Institut Karité Paris-- Natural Cosmetics from France

Institut Karité Paris upholds its mission to bring the benefits of Shea to all types of beauty. The brand, with its Parisian heritage, offers a large product range and honours with passion and creativity the power of Shea. 
For lips, hands, body and hair, no one can resist the amazing, hydrating and nourishing power of the Shea Butter.This natural ingredient has everything you need to protect and nourish all skin types, even the most damaged. It takes care of even the driest areas and meets all of the skin’s essential needs by itself.


Firmenich is the largest privately-owned company in the perfume and flavor business. Swiss and family owned, they have created many of the world’s favorite perfumes for over 100 years and produced a number of the most well-known flavors we enjoy each day. Their passion for perfumes and flavors, our creativity and innovation, together with their exceptional understanding of sensory perceptions and trends, have forged Firmenich's world-class reputation. Their consistently superior investments in R&D substantiate Firmenich desire to understand, share and reinvent the best of what nature has to offer in the realms of smell and taste. Worldwide, Firmenich currently employs approximately 6,000 people in 64 countries.


DOCTOR'S KITS -- Particularly favored by celebrities in Japan

Doctor's Kits operates a Japanese-style SPA in Ginza, Tokyo, particularly favored by celebrities in Japan. Last year, we opened our SPA in Bangkok, Thailand. This year, we intened to open a Japanese-style SPA in Vietnam. We also produce and market professional cosmetics for use in SPAs and marketing through SPA channels. We are looking for a Vietnamese partner who will be interested in developing togther the business of Japanese-style SPA in Vietnam.

TRIANGLE Corporation  -- H-Breathe Hydrogen generation products in Japan

Triangle corporation distributes Hydrogen generation products in Japan. There are three kinds of products as follows: "H-Breathe" which generates hydrogen gas to breathe from nose, "Hydrogen Fun" which makes water including hydrogen for drinking, and "Hydrogen Bath" that is for a bath tab which water generates hydrogen gas. Triangle welcomes people coming for a trial of hydrogen breathing and check difference before breathing hydrogen and after. You see amazing result after taking a trial of H-Breathe. 


GWO CHYANG BIOTECH CO., LTD-- Top Award Winning Facial Mask from TAIWAN!

Established as Gwo Chyang Biotech in 1965 with its headquarters in Tainan, Taiwan. With nearly 50 years of experience in pharmaceuticals operating under the most rigorous safety standards, Gwo Chyang has been the recipient of GMP and ISO 22716 certifications for cosmetics. In addition, the China plant also holds ISO 22716 and ISO 9001 certifications; allowing easy integration of development, design and manufacturing between Taiwan and China, as well as more modern factory production for all.

In 2015, Gwo Chyang debuted in the Victoires de la Beauté in France with its private brands, VANDIES and UNITOUCH. After a heated competition and blind experiments, we walked away with the top award in the facial mask group, garnering stellar reviews from more than 80% of the judges and returning home with our first golden trophy presented by the Victoires de la Beauté. In June 2016, our private brands, including UNTIOUCH eye essence, VANDIES, KINGIRLS, and UNITOUCH high-end facial masks, again snatched up two awards in the same cosmetics contest by successfully winning the hearts of picky French judges.

HERA BIOTECH - The expert in feminine vaginal care

Using the latest extraction and fermentation techniques, our research team at Hera Biotech developed NV5+--a unique formula that activates vaginal innate defense mechanism. NV5+ has three benefits: it raises lactobacilli strength, suppresses harmful bacteria and helps maintain a healthy acidic vaginal environment. NV5 + is certified by SGS and Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention for its antimicrobial effect. NV5+ is proven to inhibit bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli, candida albicans , klebsiella, and pseudomonas aeruginosa. NV5+ can provide relief to vaginal itch and inflammation, reduce allergic reaction, and quickly eliminate vaginal odor. 

Horien International Co., Ltd -- we are convinced that the key to maintain a beautiful and young looking skin

In March 2017, our own PEZRI brand skin care product series is officially launched to both domestic Taiwan and oversea markets.  PEZRI products offer consumers top tier quality skin care products for everyday use yet with an affordable price.  We are now actively seeking local distributors for oversea markets, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in distributing and selling our products!

PINKPAC -- Strive for the best

Pinkpac was established in 1977 in Taiwan. Over the years we continue to expand and upgrade our operation to improve product details and efficiency to strive for the best. In addition to the components we also provide innovative decoration options to ensure the packaging are unique in their own style. You can rely on our years of experience to provide beautiful and dependable nail polish packaging at competitive costs. These qualities combined with strong after sales team, we will be your reliable partner that stays around to work and grow with you. Supply directly or indirectly to a number of high profile brands such as P&G, Avon, Mary Kaye, Revlon, EA, Disney etc..

Bao Giao Gun Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Bao Giao Gun Biotechnology Co., Ltd is an ISO-certified company (ISO22716 GMP) that meets international standards for quality in the manufacture of cosmetics. We pursue quality, technology, and innovation in the manufacturing and development of the highest quality skin care products. We have accumulated experience in OEM (original equipment manufacturing) for many years.We have also been absorbing information on the latest technology, both domestically and internationally, in order to improve ourselves. Consequently, we are able to produce products that are unique and meet the demands of our customers. As a result, the products for all our customers are competitive in the market.

LA.POWDER INC --brighten and balance your skin tone, long lasting effect and easy to apply

The products of LA.POWDER COMPANY INC have been through years of research and testing, our goal is to make the highest quality products for every customers.
LA POWDER COMPANY INC experienced staff and partner company wish our customers can feel that we put a lot of effort on every products.
Every products we made is base on the intensive research and testing. Our company believes  "The Best Product" is not only putting makeup on the face but the smile and joy that we can bring to all customers.
As LA POWDER COMPANY INC taking time to innovate and improve our cosmetic products over the years, our products will make all the customers glowing as well as protecting skins.
By adopting New Technology from overseas, our all products are achieving the International standard and ready to go on the global market.


VERSE is a professional brand for waterproof make up and long lasting cosmetics.  

Our brand has been marketed in more than 30 chain malls in Dubai and Oman. In Miami U.S.A., we cooperated with opera TV star Majorie de Sausa. Our 16 Hour long lasting series is waterproof, soft to skin and with high pay-off trendy color. Its unique formula is healthy and mild to skin than traditional make-up formula.

SIRIBIOMEDICAL Ltd. --Safety Invent Realise Immortality for all

Committed to research and development. For the global professional beauty to provide safe and effective high-quality goods. OEM & ODM.

Ticus Cosmetics co., Ltd -- professional supplier of Nail and Foot Beauty Products 

Ticus is a professional supplier of Nail and Foot Beauty Products can provide various kinds of Nail Files, Sponge Files, Burnishing Sticks, Buffers, Nail Design Tools, Dotting Nail Tools, Cuticle Oil Pens, and Foot Files by different material ,grit, shapes and a lot options. NO matter OEM or ODM are welcome.

Nail accessories like  Nail Files, Sponge Files, Burnishing Sticks, Buffers, Nail Design Tools, Dotting Nail Tools, Cuticle Oil Pens, and Foot Files. Make up accessories like brush , puff , eye curler, tweezer,foaming ne,perfume bottle, hair brush and eyelid sticker.

Greengo Biomedical International Co., Ltd.

The original intention of Greengo is to sale functional materials which are research and development in Taiwan, for development, export and OEM(original equipment manufacturer) functional food and skill care products.

We produce safe, healthy, natural and effective products. Every ingredient used in our products from the source(1) raw material management (2) manufacturing process, to the retailers is under strict quality control to make sure it is safe, healthy, natural and friendly.We believe that “natural and no preservative” is the most powerful way to share love.

Guang Chuan TechnoLogy Pty. LTD

Guang Chuan TechnoLogy Pty. LTD. Was founded in 2009, is committed to the health care series of toothpaste research and development, which formed a series of green and beautiful toothpaste. “Green Mein Herbal Toothpaste”for the prevention of periodontal disease toothpaste Products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries.

All in 1 Specialist Health Toothpaste/Green Mein Herbal Toothpaste is the combination of green propolis and nature formulation of plant extraction/Prevention of periodontal disease/Fughts Against Plaque Swelling Of The Gum And Bleeding/Fughts Anti Sensitive And Sore Aching Of The Tooth/Gress Rid Of Bad Breath and Odour.


Mei Shual Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1968. We are a reputable company with more than 40 years of cosmetics manufacturing experience, and over 15 years of cosmetics packaging experience.
We emphasize Formulating, R&D, and high technology filling with strict QC standard. Being in fashion industry, we pursue weekly new products & formulas presenting to our customers suiting market needs. We strive to be our buyer’s 100%”Worry Free” cosmetics sourcing.


Shenzhen Joyrich Brush Co.,Ltd -- More than 10 years’ experience of making and exporting all kinds of high quality nail brushes

Shenzhen Joyrich Brush Co,Ltd, a professional manufacturer making various high-grade kolinsky nail brushes including acrylic brush,french brush,gel,3D brush and nail art brushes. We have more than 10 years' experience in manufacturing  these style brushes, and we can provide OEM/ODM services according to the different needs of  our customers. Welcome  customers from everywhere  to realize  mutual benefits  to creat a brilliance together.


Taimeng company is a combination of adult, children's cosmetic make-up, hair ornaments, skin care and facial mask professional OEM, ODM Foundry. Located in dongguan, Guangdong province. With the EU certification, domestic three certificates and GMP certification factory, is your trusted partner.

Our company with the top international suppliers, combined with Taiwan's latest biotechnology, hiring authoritative technical experts, efficient and practical management team will bring you Zhuo Yue quality and technical service。Today, we have established good relationship with outstanding enterprises including Walmart, 21, Disney, kitty and so on. we warmly look forward to entering the same excellent supply chain.

Jinhua MingXin plastic products factory

Jinhua mingxin plastic products factory, established in 2003,is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing daily cosmetics packaging. All our products such as lip balm, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow packaging are used in cosmetics factory who exported the finished cosmetics products to USA, Europe, and Africa…etc. We value our customers and appreciate our partnerships. We firmly believe that Mingxin is your good choice because we provide not only packaging, but also packaging innovations and service.

We have our own mould making, injection and assembling workshops.70% of our products: lip balm, lip gloss, eyeliner and mascara bottles are exported to US supermarkets such as WALT-MART. All our products meet to FDA and EU regulations. We can provide products with decorations: offset printing, silkscreen printing, foil hot-stamping and electroplating.

Beijing HuaCheng Taike technology Co.,Ltd

Beijing HuaCheng TaiKe Technologies Co., Ltd established in 2005, as a professional manufacturer of medical and aesthetic equipment, we focus on R&D, manufacture, marketing, and servicing in beauty line more than ten years. Our products cover ND:YAG Laser System(1064/532nm), Diode Laser Hair Removal (808nm), Ultrapulse CO2 Fractional Laser (10600nm),, E-light Series, IPL, Slimming Series, Cryolipolysis Series, CAVI, and our products  have been approved by international standard organizes ISO13485, CE, FDA, TGA, SAA and CFDA, etc.


Wengu Plastic Cement Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of cosmetic soft tube.Our company manufacture kinds of PE soft tubes for cosmetic packing, diameter from 13mm to 60mm, the products is suitable for facial cream, hand cream,BB cream,body lotion,lip gloss, trial pack and so on.

Yiwu Raise Perfume Packaging Co.,Ltd

RAISE are manufacture for crystal perfume bottle, glass perfume bottle, metal perfume bottle, gift packing boxes and Bags. Through many years, We enjoyed very high reputation among the whole perfume packaging both in China and abroad for our most fashion design and perfect craftsmanship and strong credit in business. Also as some famous large Arabian and Western perfume group’s basic manufacture and purchase agent in China, our step also acrossed many relative line of perfume business, also we had our own OEM production line in many Chinese famous factories.


The company was founded in 2000, is a professional production of various kinds of plastic hose packaging enterprises. The company mainly produces single and double PE (LDPE, MDPE, HDPE) hose, style variety specification is complete, and different specifications of the circular tube, flat pipe.
We are willing to wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide quality product package out more exquisite packaging, let your product icing on the cake, value-added is unripe brightness.The aim of the company: customers first, service paramountcy.

China Taibo Beauty Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd

China Taibo Beauty Science&Technology Development Co.,Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of beauty equipment, medical equipment, Skin rejuvenation System Beauty Salon products and so on. Now we developed IPL series, SHR, E-light, Co2 fractional laser, 808nm diode laser, ultrasonic cavitations, fractional RF and hair re-growth laser, 980nm diode laser vascular removal, High frequency, HIFU skin tightening, HIFU slimming, Water oxygen jet peel, q switch nd yag laser, etc.


We product the  nail glue, nail jewelry, nail lights, nail tools and all the  nail products, for domestic and foreign distribution wholesale, support OEM processing. For home and abroad nail shop, nail wholesale stores, electricity sales platform to providing  adequate quality source of goods. Service  Products and Price must be the first.

Homegrown, efficient production,.new product update speed .Our factory target the  consumers directly  .eliminating the intermediate tedious steps and price.


Our factory specialized in a variety of medium to high -grade perfume bottles, nail polish bottles, oil bottles and car perfume bottles, and all kinds of glass production and cosmetic packing.

We are specialized in a variety of medium to high -grade perfume bottles, nail polish bottles, oil bottles and car perfume bottles, and all kinds of glass production and cosmetic packing.

B&B OEM Co., Ltd

We are professional makeup tools manufacture and personal care products agent. makeup devices,cosmetic devices,skin lifting devices,sonic brush,hair removal.

Xian BeauKey Medical Equipment Co., Ltd 

Xi'an BeauKey Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd has the sense of missionas a leading company in the medical aesthetic field under the business philosophy of technical innovation, customer satisfaction, right management, and pursuit of high quality at our utmost effort to provide the best solution for maintaining beauty and health.

Guangzhou Thelead  Cosmetics Co. Ltd

Guangzhou Thelead Cosmetics Limited is a professional Manufacturer of beauty supplies, integrating the production and operation together. Our products include nails, nail decorations, nail repair kits, nail tools and beauty kits, more than one hundred series in total. 90 percent of our products are exported to the USA, Japan and Europe." Good faith management, customer first" is our principle. Relying on high quality products and excellent services, we hope to improve ourselves together with partners from at home and abroad together. Our company supplies customers not only products but also the best service for export guide. FOB is our normal price term. We try to provide the best price of express for our customers.

Guangzhou shallow painted nail products Co., Ltd.

Our products have nail glue, jewelry, nail tools, phototherapy lamps and other products, suitable for domestic and foreign distribution wholesale, support OEM processing. For domestic and foreign nail shop, nail wholesale stores, electricity supplier sales platform to provide adequate quality products source. Services, products and prices must be the first.


 We manufacture a wide range of cosmetic packaging, such as airless & cosmetic bottles and jars. We also provide good printing services, such as silk screen and hot stamping.

Dongguan i-Believe Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd

i-Believe company is a professional manufacturer of nail care products. With 9 years experiences specialized in an extensive range of nail care tools and equipment, including UV lamp, LED lamp, CCFL lamp, Nail drill, Nail Gel polish, etc. . All of these are manufactured in line with CE,ROHS&MSDS certification. We are currently shipping our productss to Europe, the United States and Japan, through TV shopping, mail order and retail channels. We provide 1 year warranty for all products and on-time delivery: Sample lead-time @1-3 days, Order lead-time @12-15 days.We always take the customers' requirement as our toppest affairs.

Dongguan Zeal Shine Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Zeal Shine Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is a company with research and development, production and sales, specializing in the production of nail drill, nail UV lamp, and permanent makeup.
We get wide support and trust from our customers with adhering to the management idea of "innovation, cooperation, win-win", and the principle of "quality first, customer first, service first".Our products are mainly exported to Italy, Germany, USA, Russia, Spain, and other countries.

Guangzhou Caili Cosmetic Product Co., Ltd

Caili Nail Art is specialized in nail gel, nail polish manufacturering and selling, we can make any quality that customer want and provide customer with solution to sell and advertisement.

our products includes nail gel polish, color, base coat and top coat, cat eye, termo and so on. All products with good quality and moderate price.

 Guangzhou Xujohn Bio-Technique Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Xujohn Bio-Technique Co.,Ltd. is located in Huangpu district, Guangzhou, China. Our main products are all kinds of masks, cleansers, toners, lotions, serums, creams, shampoos and shower gels. With a strong R&D team, 14,000 square meters workshops and more than 10 years skin care products manufacturing experience, Xujohn Bio-Technique has got the lisence of GMPC, ISO22716 and SEDEX , and developed our business all over the world.
We are a multi company has our own brand business and also professional in providing OEM/ODM service, which can meet demands from different customers.

Kelly Cosmetics(Guang zhou) Co., Ltd

Kelly Cosmetics Co., Ltd is  OEM and ODM factory specializing in mid-class, high-class cosmetics and skin care with more than ten years’s researching and developing experience. Kelly Cosmetics are creating fashion, chasing perfect and  has adopted “Product quality oriented, talents foremost”. Now Kelly Cosmetics had cooperated with well-known brands and hundreds of company to create the classic fashion brands for customers. 

Yuyao Solo Beauty Cosmetic Packaging Co., Ltd

Yuyao Solo Beauty Cosmetic Packaging Co.,Ltd was established in 2008, located in Ningbo,China, taken up 10k square meters and holding around 200 workers and mainly in producing all kinds of packages for Mechanical pencils, liquid eyeliner, sharpenable pencils and jumbo pencils. and the products are selled home and abroad. During the development of the ten years we got good praise from all over the world.

We are professional in working mainly packages for all the mechcanical pencils, and we are the top three manufaturers in China. We forcus on the innovation and creation on the new and specils desing close to the market. And we are willing to work with customers for the customer solo belonged design. And we can apply many patent to protect our customers' products marketing life. Give us chance and give you profit back.

ele (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.

ele was founded in 2012 to manufacture and market skincare products under the ele brand. The name ele is shortened from “albino (ele)phant" which represents royal, magnificent, rare and stunning look in thai belief.

Aiming to offer our customers simple to use skincare products that give the best results, ele introduced ele Mineral White Mask Plus as our first product to market in 2012. Since then, ele Mineral White Mask Plus has been recognised among celebrities and social network users across the country and become a famous skincare product in Thailand and overseas. ele products are focused on skin care throughout the day and night (24 hours). Nowadays we delicately create variety of products to serve the top-of-mind satisfactions for all ele users. We believe in not only effective result but also impressive experience for everyone.


Repair damage cells, pores minimizer, Anti-aging, firmer felling and look, restructure, revitalize and protect the skin, brighter complexion, oil balance and skin supple.