Vietnam Beauty Pavilion

"Vietnam Beauty Pavilion" present you the most authentic Vietnam Culture

Plenty of brands arrived in Vietnam and they did not have knowledge of the country. The brands that came created forecasts based on the past and the consumer changed from one day to the next. Many of those who had money to burn during the boom years have since lost it, and access to the internet has made the young middle class more demanding and discerning in their choices. In addition, consumer behavior is very di fferent in the north and the south of the country…… 



 The aim of the Mekong Beauty Show is to bring international industry players right to the "VIETNAMESE BEAUTY BRAND LAB by centdegrés & partners” conceptualized by the famous French design agency, based
in Asia and in Vietnam. Book your stand and get all-inclusive and special benefits from Vietnamese Beauty Brand Lab:

- Understand Vietnamese consumer behavior to better localize your brand

- Develop local brand partners and enter the booming market hand in hand with native giants

- Imitate how local brands succeed with the market promotion, distribution

- Consult from Vietnam-based agencies for better advice and brand localization